Writing is often about taking complex information and big picture ideas, and creating clear, interesting, and readable content. A professional writer knows how to draw the reader into a story by using techniques that range from adding human interest, using the active voice, and showing rather than telling. A properly written and structured document ensures that the audience quickly finds key information. 


My experience ranges from writing books, magazine articles, blogs, web content, speeches, briefing papers, through to promotional brochures and annual reports. My work is informed by a strategic sense — essentially content strategies — of how best to present content or information in a variety of formats.

As a professional writer, I am also a keen researcher, and know how to find information, check for accuracy, and when to cite sources or use interview techniques. I write articles, briefing documents, speeches, brochures, news releases and much more. As a published photographer, I also know when writing assignments can benefit from quality illustrations or photographs.

I have solid experience working as both an in-house and freelance writer, and have undertaken several special writing projects related to publishing, podcasts, videos, and communications training.

I also work in several languages. I am trilingual, with native capacity in English and French, and professional fluency in Spanish. I can verify text in all of these languages to ensure consistency in content and format. I can also write English summaries of texts written in French or Spanish.

As a former journalist, I am trained to be accurate, detailed and consistent. As an author I have experience in the writing of both short and long-form documents, fiction and non-fiction genres, and how to best prepare writing assignments for publication.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have regarding your documents and projects: lois@loisross.ca