A content strategy is  basically a detailed plan that allows an organization to showcase and promote its work on a variety of media or channels, ranging from print, to web, to digital publications, and social media.

To create this strategy you need to understand how to distribute content, and just as importantly, you need to know how it is created. I know a lot about both. The best content producer is experienced as a strategist, a writer, and an editor with an extensive background in print, online, audio and video. I am lucky to have worked in all of these media.


With more than 25 years of experience in communications, I am able to handle pretty much any communications challenge, whether it be advising on communications and content strategies, or writing and editing all types of documents, coordinating publications, videos and podcasts, writing articles, speeches or briefing documents. I bring a keen editorial hand to ensure copy is clear, crisp, and clean.

If you are running out of time,  running up against a deadline, or just plain swamped with work, let me help. If you are looking for strategies or advice on how best to communicate your organizational story and the issues your organization advances, I can help. Whether your needs are for print or digital, visual or text-based, I can enhance your content and advise on how best to message and distribute your communications.

I also have an extensive background in supervising design and publications and bring a sharp eye to visuals and layout. I have managed a wide range of editorial projects, including books, magazines, websites, and newsletters.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have:  lois@loisross.ca .