Not all documents are created equal. Each requires the personalized touch of a knowledgeable professional. An editor ensures that your document is brought to final perfection by first assessing the document to determine what level of editing is required to polish the text.

Fall leaves 2000x380 v2The levels of editing I undertake include:

  • Structural editing: editing that assesses and structures material to improve its organization and content
  • Stylistic editing: editing that clarifies meaning to improve flow and readability
  • Copy editing: editing to ensure correctness, and to improve consistency and accuracy
  • Proofreading: examining copy, usually after layout, to correct errors in text and visual elements

I am skilled at assessing all types of documents and will let you know what level of editing is required. As a writer, I will know whether your document needs a rewrite or an in-depth edit, a copy edit or a proofread – or all of the above, as is sometimes the case.

For more than 25 years I have worked with editors and as an editor. As a communications specialist and writer, I know the value of a critical editorial eye, and the importance of the invisible hand of the editor in bringing a production to final perfection.

Send me your queries and I will be pleased to provide you with an estimate of the time and depth of editing required to make your document sparkle!

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