I am an award-winning writer, editor, author and photographer. Essentially, I am a content creator and a “storyteller”.

Quite simply — I love words and am happiest when I am writing, editing, working with visuals and communicating ideas and information using all of the many forms available today — whether that be in print, online or on social, or preparing scripts and coordinating productions for videos or podcasts.


I have more than 25 years of experience in organizational communications, and as a writer and editor. My subject areas include international development, federal, provincial and municipal policy, labour, health and medicine, agriculture, and the arts.

I work in several languages. I am trilingual, with native capacity in English and French, and professional fluency in Spanish.

My small communications company is called INTERPUEBLO Communications and through it, I offer a wide range of writing and editorial services, as well as consulting on digital strategies, publishing formats, and communications projects.

I have experience working as both an in-house and freelance writer and editor, and have undertaken several special projects related to publishing, podcasts, and communications training.

Given my experience in communications, I can handle pretty much any communications challenge, whether it be advising on communications and content strategies, editing all types of documents, coordinating publications, writing articles,  blogs, web content, speeches or briefing documents. I bring a keen editorial hand to ensure copy is clear, crisp, and clean.

Since 2001, I have been a member of the Editors Association of Canada and adhere to the association’s professional editorial standards in my work. I am also a member of several other writing and communications organizations.

If you are running out of time,  running up against a deadline, or just plain swamped with work, let me help. If you are looking for strategies or advice on how best to communicate your organizational story and the issues your organization advances, I can help.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have: lois@loisross.ca .